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Stringent Quality Control

Obtain quality components in the shortest amount of time with our extensive global network of over 4,000 proven partners that are assessed and graded to meet your most exacting requirements.

Storage Environment

All samples are stored in climate-controlled warehouses in accordance with the sample management process. All requests to checkout components are logged with automatic follow-ups if not returned within stipulated time.

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World-class Equipment

Our quality assurance centre is equipped with sophisticated testing equipment to help quality engineers determine the authenticity of components. Requests for customised tests can also be met, including advance inspection with an authoritative test report that is internationally recognized.

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Bespoke Inspection Requirements

Contact us and let us know what you need, and we will endeavour to support your bespoke requirements.

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Sample Management


Stringent sample management process ensures that incoming samples to our warehouse are properly documented, stored, and tracked for complete traceability and to ensure its authenticity.

Continuous Training

A methodical training system ensures that our quality inspection engineers are equipped with market-leading skills and knowledge. This is achieved through a process of continuous training that includes external training programmes conducted by professional certification bodies

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